Pearl Demi Hoop Earrings - Tipsyfly

Rs. 1,650

Tipsyfly's Pearl Demi Hoop Earrings paired with our Gin Fizz Top and Pants 

Glam up in an instant with the Pearl Demi Hoop Earrings from Tipsyfly. These are crafted from high- quality fresh water pearls and 18kt gold plated brass which makes them long-lasting. The hand woven work involved in stringing the bunch of pearls together to give a beautiful hoop effect has been created by age old traditions and experienced artians. Wear them with a gorgeous evening dress along with a pair of block heels and clutch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Care instructions- it is recommended to keep it away from moisture, perfumes and excessive heat, and store it in the product bag received with the purchase when not in used.

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